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泰山画家 张伟明
태 산 화 가 장 위 명


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Artist profiles  

Chinese calligraphy and Artist hundred outstanding Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming

* The Chinese postal service name postcard "the Chinese calligraphyand painting hundred is outstanding"
* Country business management bureau registration "ZhangWeiming Taishan picture"

Zhang Weiming, 1,958 Shandong Tai'an fresh person pen name: The secondgrade spring, national level of fine arts teachers, the incumbentTaishan art academy [ government art academy ] service chief, [ 35years old are appointed vice- study the embassy personnel (associateprofessor) 40 years old to be appointed study the embassy personnel(professor) ]

In 1982 "Lijiang River Painting" (traditional Chinese painting)published to "the Chinese Calligraphy and painting" elects toclose-stitch (11) the Beijing people fine arts publishing housepublication

In 1988 "In Range White clouds Were many" (ink and washpainting) to have the honor to receive Japan? Center the fine artsexchange unfolds (Japan) the specially outstanding prize

In 1990 "Outside Mountain Mountain" (traditional Chinesepainting) and so on 4 are collected by the Chinese Ministry of Cultureand sends places tour display such as American San Francisco, ThaiBangkok,

In 1990 "Taishan" (traditional Chinese painting) the nationalink and wash painting, the famous expert invited to unfold

In 1991 "South Taishan Fontanel" (traditional Chinese painting)Shandong Province first session culture specialized competition secondprize

In 1992 "Mountains and plains" (traditional Chinese painting)had the honor to receive the Canadian 枫叶 cup excellent work prize

In 1998 "Taishan" (traditional Chinese painting) was selectedin the first session? Date? The Han first session culture unfolds,

In 1998 "山岚" (traditional Chinese painting) the nationalfine arts work touring exhibition All-China Federation of Trade Unionssponsored - and so on the prize

In 1999 "Taishan" (traditional Chinese painting) attains theTaiwan Province artistic world master to reward and to have the honorto receive the artistic world model title

In 2005 "Taishan" (traditional Chinese painting) the Chineseand South Korean international exchange unfolds the internationalcultural prize (to go against in level prize, Han each)

In 2006 "Chinese Landscape painting Research" 8 book sizes,add 11 full page with the title page to introduce [ Zhang Weimingnewly makes " Big picture Taishan sketch Chiangnan "

In 2007 is published 4 book sizes by the Tianjin Yangliuqing"Contemporary Traditional Chinese painting Famous expert High-qualitygoods Collection" Zhang Weiming the
landscape painting work to select

Since 80 years in "the Chinese Oil painting", "the Chinese Calligraphyand painting", "Country Painters", "the Fine arts", "Artistic World","Chinese Culture Newspaper", "Chinese Fine arts Newspaper", "PopulaceFine arts Newspaper" "Cultural Monthly publication", "People's Daily"(overseas edition), "China Daily" and so on 20 national levelsspecialized authoritative publication have published work hundred,draft ten. Has many works in addition by America, the date, west,national and Hongkong, Macao, the local art museum and the artist andso on Han collects. "Taishan" (traditional Chinese painting -- one,two, three, four) is selected by people's union sponsor and so on thefine arts publishing house, central fine arts institute "the Chinesefine arts theory seminar" "the Chinese Present age Each □□ SendsPicture Wind Important Artist 45 Fine arts Works View To copyUnfolds". In recent years devoted to the Taishan landscape paintingcreation, its representative works had "the Taishan Charm", "Pull outDirect access to the highest authorities", "Peaceful Mountain spiritXiu", "East Male 峙 Day", "East a Day Column" as well as "TaishanSeek Scenery Series Work" (traditional Chinese painting -- one, two,three... ...) Once consumed when 6 months complete the huge landscapepainting for the Shandong building "Taishan Grand appearance Chart"individual brief biography to include "the World Name NationalPeople's Congress Dictionary", "Chinese Modern Artist Big Dictionary","Chinese Present age Painter-calligrapher Big Dictionary", "ChinesePresent age Artist Celebrity collection", "Chinese Painter Memoirs","Chinese Artist Dictionary" and so on ten National People's Congressdictionary and the internet [ Chinese artist database ], the ChineseMinistry of Culture [ Chinese artist database ], the national humanresources department [ Chinese expert database ], in the internationalcultural exchange Heart [ Chinese expert storehouse ] and so on.

Presently is:

* Center. date fine arts exchange association members

* Center? Date? The Han artist exchanges cooperates the member

* The Shandong Province art academy especially hires the seniorartist

* The Shandong Province celebrity 促进会 calligraphy andpainting entrusts committee member

* Shandong Province artist association member

* Yunnan Province Yunnan pond art academy art consultant,Zhongshan book art academy, honorary chief and so on.

* Chinese art academy painter painter net, Chinese hundred artacademies (net) artistic inspector general

* Overseas Chinese people China Today net traditional Chinese painting column critic

URL: (Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming official website)


Tel: 86-538 - 8.227155 million Fax: 86-538-8207777 (facsimile)

Address: Chinese Shandong Province Tai'an Taishan art academy

Correspondence address: Chinese Shandong Province Tai'an Guang Sheng quan street 8 10 mailboxes

Zip code: 271,000

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