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泰山画家 张伟明
태 산 화 가 장 위 명


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Add:Box.10,8 Guang-Sheng-Quan street, Taian, Shandong, China Zip Code: 271000
Tel:86 (538)8227155(office)  86 (538)8207777(fax) Cell:  +8613583857107
QQ: 331608266  ICQ:231-441-983  Eml:

Contact person: Zhang Weiming
Telephone: 0538-8227155
Facsimile: 0538-8207777  handset: 13.583857107 billion
My QQ: 331.608266 million
Eml: Website: 
Unit: China Shandong Tai'an Taishan art academy
Mailing address: Chinese Shandong Province Tai'an Guang Shengquan
street 8 10 mailboxes
Zip code: 271,000
Registers or the express address: Chinese Shandong Province Tai'an
Guang Shengquan east street 8 2nd building unit 10

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