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  The landscape Artist distinguishes by Zhang Weiming attentivelyobserves     3星级
The landscape Artist distinguishes by Zhang Weiming attentivelyobserves
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The landscape painting, the attraction which there produces in ZhangWeiming has far exceeded the common person's regarding this feelingdegree, from beginning to end is lording over in his heart main. Thushis mountain is also magnificent, the water also brightly wasdemonstrating the ancient times flow now to understand completely thespirit. Beside this objective view only in turns on lathe in factconfuses, the happy however surface resembles. But is suitable thisgeneralization to search its reason, how was allowed to analyze ZhangWeiming to be engaged in the traditional Chinese painting art creationprocess originally to defend stubbornly him to distinguish attentivelyobserves.

Because of this faces up to with recognizes only then can cause him touse the picture to promulgate art to contain the generally philosophy,solid picks up the current of water with the mountain stone and Runreally blends together to the nature and the person Really to sentiment, wasinquiring about with the long-time thoughts investment from thetradition to the vanguard by the vanguard backsight tradition drawinghumanities idea a division principle, has felt relaxed the ancient andpeople of our time's root conscience shed difference; Calmly withmoves, numerous and Jan, sinks with floats, strong and is weak, GaoYudi. Thus has obtained: calmly lives becomes aware, becomes awarelives thinks, thinks lives distinguishes, debates the physiology, theprinciple lives explains, Yu Shengxin. Here is static was not equal towooden does not awake. Not reads sitting in meditation is the clearpeaceful mind 彻, thus may filter the impetuousness which numerousand diverse creates. Thus screened with concentration has earnestlysought the long essence to discuss above the true meaning, can becomeaware the ideal condition the in-depth meaning. He when looks at themountain that greatly beautiful male soul only then in Handy conception in painting Towers on the mountain vividly.

In the picture, has been broken by Zhang Weiming the nature gives thehumanity the survival limited space and time by infinite to continueextends outside the picture. This let the person very natural feelingleave in the picture that ever not to see the person mark the groupmountains and rivers gully to have the huge spiritual dynamics. Shookthe person bottom of one's heart the move still to come from to beindifferent and the conception in painting to his that representationmakes widely known the unusual tyrant postscript demonstrationbehavior individuality.

Zhang Weiming when 80's, ten years like a day to landscape paintingart pains seeking in, ancient method will use for me, Beats the state drawingtheattempt and the music, the dance, the literature, the philosophy, thepsychology which will use for the Chinese landscape painting, classdiscipline and so on the imperial sacrifices study 11 carries on meltsthe natrium. He extremely invests shrinking study by no means Shallower understanding 12, but is repeatedly grinds in the combination of theory andapplication. On the one hand he investigates each type discipline itsmeaning, on the one hand exercises own investment with to extricateoneself the ability. Often runs out the tight encirclement, thenbrings to build up revises the heart another time to drown into thetraditional Chinese painting 汤池 to put together the fish dead netbroken. Like this cannot Studies the predecessor but not to have the change not or falls into some kind of extremebut not to pull out.

Discusses a chart [ one ] traditional Chinese painting/Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming the landscape painting work traditional Chinesepainting

As a time painter, certainly can receive this time the ideologicaltrend influence. When the Western modern times art person this thoughtwind wells up to the native place art domain, just when young ZhangWeiming the also behavior vanguard moves towards the ultra reality thekeenest struggle. But the traditional Chinese painting tradition rootthat depth has planted in Zhang Weiming in the solid basic skills. TheChinese landscape painting trend has been carried on by very manystations in the traditional opposite painters has pulled long and thedistortion. The cutting edge bravely broke through the traditionaliron to endure, simultaneously nearly selected a fire to burn downancestor's artistic achievement to never stint. Marks off the radicaltrend not to be restless already. Western art falling, on thetraditional material variation, completely ultra solid all sorts, letsthe person be dazzled. One side Zhang Weiming the non- choice overallsituation waits and sees, at the same time the entire body and mindgoes one by one thoroughly. The subject was still a scenery. Theinitial capital still was the traditional Chinese painting sagestheory famous work and the masterpiece, he not once laid down in 5000the country with long history to raise Run to lie in him forever tostand on this earth - - stands on the artistic giant shoulder, eitherunder the pedal high bird's eye view earth or the mountain supinelypraised Gao Tian - - to look up at the senior art achievement.Taishan, was has given him outside the teacher good fortune thissuperior condition.

This subject causes Zhang Weiming to select it shed, the Chineselandscape painting exaggeration but does not lose the embodiment thelanguage throughout to lie in chest of in the native place person ofintegrity to overflow. Outside the Chinese landscape painting abstractthought also does not have the artistic individuality and the stylealways also cannot leave an essential primary form, that is theChinese humanities spirit. In achievement China the earth person ofTaishan has the reason to grasp the drawing art the model, theextravagant Tanzania field of vision most is suitable is a landscapepainting. It does not bring in the human nature ugly to be puzzleddrifts along and the broker favors, also does not have the humannature distortion. In the nature scenery, or shows unfolds the sublimepicture, or tranquil simple and beautiful lets the person disappear ishottempered the peaceful mind, or 林森 the Peru is wonderful, alsothe mountain peak stands can let the person produce stands erect thecloud to flutter Shan Qiao crisply really to feel.

Perforated is only high as a traditional Chinese painting painter, thehand, can be uncommon, regarding this 20 years ago Zhang Weiming hadthe understanding. Must want to achieve has keen eyesight, the paintermust tread for a long time steps on in the traditional Chinesepainting practice and in the traditional Chinese painting theoryaspects 执著 research and to newly in disguised form keen waits andsees, the assurance, the thinking. The people knew Zhang Weimingcannot relax to this field of endeavor depth grinds continuessearches. The colleagues also all understood he is the workaholicwhich how creates knows the achievement. Colleague concurrently goodfriend Guo Qiang said that, "I see very many assiduous study picturesperson, but does not have a person to be able to compare on ZhangWeiming such 100%, or said 200% place investment, I really took him."Studies thoroughly Zhang Weiming facing the Chinese landscape paintingto have the enormous patience and firmness. Although really wascausing Zhang Weiming excited at that time in a section of vanguardsideological trends impact. Specially comes by the reputation formodernist school traditional Chinese painting master's Mr. Liu Guosongthe mainland to manage the art exhibition, the lecture, ascends whenTaishan he extremely appreciates to Zhang Weiming understanding andthe viewpoint as well as the work. This indicated Zhang Weiming withdeparted from the classics and in traditional Chinese paintingtradition position being separated from also walks the certain degree.Mr. Liu Guosong Zhang Weiming then work flat and thin piece as themodern wind typical picture example lectured when world each place thedemonstration and for this call, moreover great bright not onlyappreciated Mr. Liu Guosong in an article to say in "Drawing Ravine":"saves the Chinese fine arts culture" by the vigorous human natureactual existence fountainhead "to the death", "boldly accepts theWestern modern times art person this thought, burnt the Easterntradition inherently fire of with the real life elusive to beelegant". Zhang Weiming Before this on to stone tiger's Shui Mo andthe color fusion, Huang Yongyu Shui Mo and the pink color mutuallywill set off, Yang Yanwen but will not be vulgar Shui Mo and coloruse America, Wu Guanzhong the water used ink and the color will playthe music, writes the melody, lightly selects the rhythm elegant notto be vulgar and so on the traditional Chinese painting variationkind gives the commendation mutual recognition in addition. He thoughtoneself is also young, he does not make widely known, he only carrieson the evolution in the landscape painting solid foundation of basicskills. The what course to follow, he thought cannot only take a youngpainter but the naive at will choice, a cultural thought, can carrieson in traditional and in vanguard's journey thinks deeply in thestrategy contradictory, this not only is puzzled, this need deeplyinquired into, or withdraws from some tendency the strange circle tomeasure, distinguishes. Cannot only * the guts, but also must have theability to discern. Very is ambitious to the traditional Chinesepainting research scholars all is seeking, seeks to any can achievethe drawing to the high moral character and the boundary, to thedrawing rigorous manner and the ponder is picture cultural stratum 蕴promulgating, this point he deeply believed does not move.

Contradictory and not only paces back and forth in the periphery,Zhang Weiming reads and the practice with all one's strength. TheBeijing each big colleges and universities library, the ZhejiangAmerica courtyard, the Shandong Province library and so on could go tothe place which arrived he to go, could find the book he has read.Simultaneously he walks to the north and south thing fine arts carrieson the wide-ranging exchange. Even has subscribed each place all andthe artistic related periodical, the newspaper. Also goes to theprovince art academy to study the sketch, the oil painting, and hascarried on the new technique use in the Western tradition picturefoundation. His exercise sketch shape accurate solid, the blocksurface, the melody comparison arrives, molds the feeling and thesense of reality is very strong. The oil painting color feeling keenhas the very good showing strength, obtained teacher and theschoolmates praise. He maintains composure only is the silence in theself- speculation process. In this before his landscape painting hasachieved the quite considerable level. The landscape painting "East aDay Column", "East Male 峙 Day", "Taishan Seeks Scenery Series" andso on to know by the numerous people and repeatedly to be selectedwins an award. Regarding tradition Western drawing quite earnestly learnsfrom him to be diligent, regarding this and gives in the practice inthe experience and the idea understanding comment.

Moreover, the overseas new tide fine arts two big tendency - 达利-like surrealism and the fatigue will live Bai Shi pope art as well asin the before artistic domain has done the research theexpressionism, the futurism, Dadaism to the surrealism. At the sametime, he does take the various countries tradition music and themodern music as the assistance art nutrition for from has adjusted theidea. Origin besides book, but also some more than 50 magnetic tapeevery day on a brick type early time tape recorder, or is spirited, ormelodiously, makes him meditate gives free reign to the imagination.He often modestly had Lu to consult king of -- piano the musicalinstrument mystery to at that time local renowned piano teacher to beat, searched intelligence of the artistic in the study experience. Healso once harbored ulterior motives in the dance aspect, except fromway and so on book, television observed and emulated modern dancefounder Duncan as well as Yang Liping, person's outside the and so onZhao Qing creative famous dance, frequently by from already early timestudied the Dai national minority in Yunnan to dance does for theexperience, and came the Tai'an performance when the Africannationality art group has drawn many sketches. In the body threeessential factors becomes aware the visual art from the dance to movefeeling meaning. These enable him to benefit to the music dances thenon- character the language understanding annotation emotion visionand the non- visual expression. Moreover, in the music the rhythm andthe melody smooth class, may dissolve the picturesque center linebetween two points surface each kind of vision artistic formexpression seemingly. He also the tradition dramatic art melody of anaria, the role, the styles of makeup formula and traditional Chinesepainting art Chinese landscape painting technique, methodicalness, 三远 makes the comparisonresearch. Artistic being interlinked is so trusts is willing tounderstand it the person, Zhang Weiming decorates own landscapepainting Cheng Heyang work art, 行内人 the gentleman often guessesthe inquiry.

After Zhang Weiming carries the picture to clamp is raising thepicture box goes out the art academy front door soon, a truck carriedoff he nearly all oil paintings work, only saved Still life drawing, a scenery anda human body sketch. His entire body and mind returns to the Chineselandscape painting the creation. By now the fine arts situation alsohad the new transformation. After the innovation footsteps tread soundartistic circles the exhibition hall, the social populace already sawthe ancient traditional traditional Chinese painting had thewidespread possibility. Merely is possible time, an innovation unrestcomes from renewal Explores the public figure . The Li hill "Traditional Chinesepainting I Sees" by an article forms the Li hill phenomenon, to it isits Wen Zhijie the common people puzzled to show in the traditionalChinese painting tradition however. The traditional Chinese paintingreally was already the dead end has no way out? Facing the China andthe West art comparison, formed Zhang Weiming regarding traditionaland the modern ponder further to know to the Chinese landscapepainting that, will wait and see then achieved the traditional Chinesepainting tradition and modern and the future many Yuan representationsanalysis link type forecast. Same year had the fine arts critic topublish the article to appraise him like this: "his not in the leastframe elasticity choice and could move the perspective to be able tocause many regular professional trainings of the same generationsreddish brown surface to blush with shame. But ultra painting of ascholar modern writer type interest. Perhaps is causes the importantreason which Zhang Weiming the landscape painting can rapidlysucceed." This fully may explain open great 明人 and the pictureactual performance.

Regardless of the traditional Chinese painting tendency what course tofollow, Zhang Weiming still grasped own in the landscape paintingskill foundation independence to recognize, moreover self-confidenthas also formed the original consciousness principle. He appreciatesponders the out of the ordinary modern art work, and associates farand near friend, consults the radical viewpoint, the understanding andthe style with them. Has turned around he to bury once again in thetheory book, already "will read rottenly" "Picture Will discuss","Ancient painting Record", "Discusses Picture", "Writing techniqueRecords", "Picture Said", "Picture History", "Picture Warning","Scenery Knack", "Scenery Will discuss" the side which and so on theancient painting will discuss to solve as well as modern painter'sfamous expert discusses with the modernist school painter's theoryestablishes a theory 11 thin to chew savors. The ponder conclusionunconsciously center has undertaken one kind of magnitude solidity inhis work. Zhang Weiming landscape painting as soon as throws thencenter, "the Fine arts", "the Chinese Calligraphy and painting","Traditional Chinese painting", "Artistic World", "Artistic World","the Fine arts Do farm work" and so on extremely has authoritativeperiodical and the domestic and foreign each specialized display whenthe nation to have his work being selected. Selects material are mostto Taishan's work. In "imitates the nature" under indicated he movestowards the ancestral home the Yellow River shore loess plateau, knewwell has raised him the Taishan each place, visited Huangshan Mountainmany times the Xiu water high peak, each place famed scenery he alldrew from nature view to copy. Each scenery painters all in arerushing to in one's power Mingshan, each painter transits thediscipling from the natural feeling actually is different. Which Chinahas on the scenery painter's fast comp book does not have HuangshanMountain? Huangshan Mountain's mountain stone structure is unique alsois extremely typical, draws Huangshan Mountain in each picture writingthe view to be different. Zhang Weiming will have also gone toHuangshan Mountain many times, but he is many take Taishan as thesubject, actually Taishan will express extremely has from alreadyoriginal will see. As if all has own facing the natural scenerypainters experience, but must and repairs this experience by ownaccomplishment the nature to achieve is not easy a spirit to essence僻 top digit this, also must the drawing work demonstration in frontof the common people, one be withstand the people to appreciate thejudgment, its two demonstrates a self- real evidence. Otherwise thestrength spend many, the political reform which made widely knowncauses completely also is a futile effort, others knew at most yourname did not know your work. Zhang Weiming does not go in this aspectthought that, only is two eyes clear head all uses in he interest andthe thought, that is carries on the research discussion to thetraditional Chinese painting landscape painting creation and thetheory.

Clear rhyme chart traditional Chinese painting/Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming landscape painting work traditional Chinese painting

Some people said Zhang Weiming inborn paints pictures the material,this kind of speech said did not know makes sense, but in my eye ZhangWeiming as if only recognizes own interest. Moreover, he regards asthe landscape painting in the life the essential component, he wantsto go from initially the end is engaged in it, he continuouslyextremely continues earnestly to do.

Fine arts traditional Chinese painting many Yuan representations areimpetuous gradually no longer have the unprecedented stir appearance,the people already were see many to all sorts of phenomena do notblame. Under many Yuan representations conflict extremely intenselycontinued the phenomenon already to stimulate in the early time makesthe person to increase a stronger carrying capacity, lost Initial feeling also not to be able to use the too big judgment. The mature fine artsonce tide has not welled up vigorously with surges, people's eyetherefore changes extremely nitpicks. This proof loses Initial feeling stimulating, the stir effect has not been equal to numbly. Thepainters no longer as abstracted with the embodiment, practicalizewith are enjoyable, the tradition and the non- tradition, the realityand the ultra reality, the experiment and the idea, defend stubbornlywith make widely known and so on opposition absolute carry on debated.But these oppositions has not certainly unified. The novice and in theexperts heart holds true distinguishes the number is the traditionalChinese painting inventor. Zhang Weiming the landscape paintingchanges gradually the latent elephant to recount the near for 30 yearChinese landscape painting passes through course. Although that workessence still take the scenery as its enjoyable content and the form.Now looked mature many, the words technique solid many, has beentranquil many. Actually disappears initially has exploded ishottempered ignorant with. That magnificent breadth of spirit becausematurely appeared extraordinarily many. On the contrary is, heactually even more will live art was more or less makes art on theother hand to supplement in the creation. This increased the goldcontent without doubt. The non- dispute is Zhang Weiming the landscapepainting atmosphere pound majestic, the writing is dripping, but inthis breadth of spirit had the quiet ingredient which was not fullycorrect in assumptions to have so-called has completely understood thehumans affair the maturity. Some people said that, repugnant "mature","is mature" lets the person be afraid. But maturely caused the personto increase many adaptions societies to adapt oneself adapts theartistic creation ingredient. "Mature" the right and wrong lets theperson comment on without knowing where to begin. But must from theresult look still was the artistic angle of view rich sublimationstage, is an inevitably road. This certainly is not these only theboundary which the industrious person can achieve on making widelyknown, that is slick but is not in the true significance is mature.How regardless of the others did look, Zhang Weiming still admittedthe renewal by his way the knowledge, thus he maintained the field ofvision which often let loose to accept turned over a new leaf thedomain high tech application knowledge. But still was is suitable forthe picture industry.

Once, watched a Tibet art exhibition in the art museum, this enableZhang Weiming also to have a sudden change in the idea, was straightnoisy modernist school innovation master Mr. Liu Guosong to look athim nearly to do said, too tradition. Did not want to howl for him, soas to avoid let "the flag" which the person knew by mistake forms.This time knew again to the tradition and the present that, is 90'sfor ten year Zhang Weiming earnestly carefully examines traditionaland the innovation relations result again. He discovered the radicalso-called breakthrough merely is for breaks through breaks through,transforms for the transformation, does not have the profound culturalconnotation, formally as desired with the thing which has has beenonly dissimilar. Outside the technique manufactures are many to thedrawing itself skill foundation, to the deep artistic accomplishment,the cultural education, the drawing theory, the philosophy extremelydoes not ask the deep solution, under vigorously does not grasp, onlyfrom the surface looked the superficial knowledge on simply quotes theveto tradition. Some impetuous washes with watercolors the modernpeople flows swiftly takes the drawing art the breakthrough. And somemoved towards one kind dispirited and is bored or really is makes onebe bewildered. Thereupon, he has written "Drawing Is After all VisualArt", "Drawing Wants To use Visual Language", "Is" Philosophy "OrDrawing Art" and so on the paper publishes in "Populace Fine artsNewspaper" and so on in the specialized publication, gives the attackby this style sharp language.

In "Was" Philosophy "Or Drawing Art" in an article great obviouslyfirmly elaborated own viewpoint: "I thought the drawing is a drawing,lets the drawing undertake the philosophy thing, is similar to letsthe drawing undertake the slogan -like slogan to be same, can causethe drawing art generalization, be impetuous." "After we also may seewest modern art therefore the very quick trend incredible, isdispirited, after is these the modern artists crazily worships somephilosophy thought, attempts to explain these with the drawing ' thegreat philosophy ' the spirit, thereupon the toilet tissue, pulled圾, the packing case and so on all may move to the canvas to comeup... ... . " Zhang Weiming also condemned in the article drawing somedisregard the traditional Chinese painting culture theory inside storyquality and "does not hope with concentration the drawing skillperson." Because these people's work often barrenly regards as thepicture cavity the boundary Gao Yuan, is great. He also talks aboutthe literature, the philosophy various aspects tutelage horizontalheight, can affect its drawing work the power, but this kind oftutelage is one kind of latency. Drawing art is different with theliterature and other various kind of art, it wants * itself visualeffect to move view. Actually makes in front of the idea in ZhangWeiming paper, he already to drawing theory and so on Zhu Lun andphilosophy, literature, psychology did has been various 研考.Sensitively thinks friendly study is one of his instinct, dares theargument which does exactly the opposite to confess also is passesthrough a diligently result. Zhang Weiming when silences many by anextreme member, once jumps comes out also makes many people to feelextremely shocks. One side some person of slow gods have come to arguewith him, at the same time can not but acknowledge Zhang Weiming hascarried on for a long time the extremely thorough study and theresearch in the multi- positions. Some people publish the article inthe newspaper to appraise him like this: "is fickle feared is in thegreat bright disposition fatal spot! But your very difficult simpletunnel superiorly to leave it to lack ah. His that certainly notstopped after getting a smattering tastes also sufficiently haspresently proven this point."

Results in the water chart [ two ] traditional Chinesepainting/Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming the landscape painting worktraditional Chinese painting

Ten years ago, Zhang Weiming art which entrusts with in the knowledgesea and the time transforms greatly casts a net, certainly is notblind. Blind everywhere hits is cannot hit the reason why, only canproduce wants certainly. Zhang Weiming has the goal to have theopinion the observation experience, the analysis, the research, hissleep very have been for many years few, nearly except eats meal inthat argument intense time a his quarter not to relax in theexploration study. Therefore appeared many jokes which lives such asthe ink when the water has drunk, walks hits on the telephone pole,writes a letter to the friend all is the paper -like, love letter hasnot been the paper -like, his sketch this all is large-scale, he作息表 in extremely made one be startled at that time. Severalseveral minute clean the teeth, wash rinses when read ×× the book,go to when the restroom the back big dictionary, comes back severalreads the Tang poem. He morning picture any, noon picture any,afternoon is busy, sometimes stays awake all night. Sunday managesartistic Sharon in the home group, 西画, center the picture morningafternoon separates. Morning, the evening each oil painting smallmanuscript sketch, evening general is invariable, practices the basicskills in the home with the picture friend, again late adjustmentexercise, reorganization reading notes and so on. In brief, he for along time goes all out, to cause him to truncate thinly disappearedthe same year pilot's body and spirit shadow. East widely browsed thedrawing various aspects the knowledge time he to walk visited manycontemporary famous expert to the west, like Li Keran, Mr. Bai Xueshialso had Shi Chenghu, Liu Xiao is pure, Sun Ke, the Liu imperialcourt, Huang Gesheng, Ouyang, Lin Kai, Wu Xiaochang, Wang Yidong, SuXiaoye, also has originally "the Fine arts" magazine Chief Editor XiaShuoqi to wait for your famous expert. Everybody is learned to him asthe young people and dares to want to dare to say extremely commended,simultaneously, his work also receives the famous experts high praise.He often with comes Taishan the famous expert to consult technique ofprinciple of the exchange drawing Has the calligraphy, theliterature, the drawing famous expert Has Zhou Sicong, Liu Haisu, LiTianxiang, Zhao Youping, Liu Guosong yellow, Fang Jizhong, Liu Yufu,one hump, Yu Taichang, Liu Lu Sheng and so on comes when Taishan ZhangWeiming all consults to them, and talks over thoroughly the drawingall sorts of questions, also widened the field of vision from famou***pert there. The famous experts also have the appraisal to ZhangWeiming, also can have to his view loses tenaciously own approvesThis kind of time Zhang Weiming ever does not make widely known withthe aid of famous expert's prestige and shows off, also has not beenpleased with oneself. He thought oneself is also young, the head worksas modestly, needs diligently to study. The people all knew talksabout outside the subject in Zhang Weiming which he studies, he says aword extremely few, but arrived the time which the subject may displaythen is incessant, 善言 is talkative, two circles 瞪, send outresemble the greedy person to look for food the time ray. Often atthis time his language expression ability displays 极致. Really letsthe circle bystander which meets by chance feel strange very, isstartled is looking him which usually 少言寡语, usually straightdoes not gawk 瞪 the big eye this time the appearance flies upwards,flashing eyes flows hoped, the sound was clear not not slow notanxiously slightly brings excitedly from his mouth average. Theeloquence helped him to demonstrate his learned creativeness and theprofound thought by now, calm fickle thought, but also had theenrichment active innermost feelings world. Not only in externalpainter there, Zhang Weiming excels at time the display is eloquentAlso speaks the argument in theirs artistic Sharon and in the Taishanyouth beautiful association with colleague's in contemporariescontinuous. Afterwards some people left this place, uses the lengthycorrespondence to carry on the exchange. Avoids him in a time silenceto step in other domains. The people do not understand the insidestory, has regrets for him, some expression understanding, regardlessof facing completely understands or cannot completely understand,Zhang Weiming acted wilfully has hidden. Until approaches the centuryend tone, he restands only then, his large scenery feeling with firstwas more different. Moves to him the simple philosophy thoughtthorough research which to the Book of Change, the imperialsacrifices, Buddha, the road as well as various religious culturecontains, in his thought dissolved into the trifle extremely reasonphilosophy dialectical thought. But he knew although the reason maycause the person to make a clear distinction between right and wrong,but he is after all the dedication to work greatly strengthened but本性难移. Caused own in sitting in meditation heart knowledge tobe separated from lively this mortal world, purified own soul, perhapsthat was he the transformation which marched forward in the life, onlyhad he to know he has obtained any in this period of time. Afterwardswhen some several institutes teachers saw his infatuateds goes to theprovince art museum to look when Taiwan Tibet art exhibition calls:"Zhang Weiming has been infatuated with." "The big painter are manywhen disappeared." "Great is bright, looked like is only has at theart exhibition which this kind truly is worth looking only then meetsyou."

Before this, Zhang Weiming after comprehended asked the imperialsacrifices the significance for the life knew the principledistinguished drew out oneself, invested to in computer this newbornhumanity resources sharing --Intelnet, he adjusted the thought on theinformation superhighway information superhighway, will converge oncemore own to the primitive worship to the reality and the futureforecast pays to the conscientious behavior.

He saw in Australia's friend there still some people maintained thestatic only point of view in the oil painting domain in the modernsurvival environment to draw the picture, nature zoology and botanypure performance on canvas. The technique 精到, the skill is deep,he to this receives touches.

How does he hold in front of ancient's picture rubs the ancient is thegraceful quiet point of view which melted together with the ancienttimes natural environment forms. Front he stands "High" Brook MountainTraveler Attempts "in Taiwan museum duplication Fan Kuan, 李唐" WanHesong the Wind chart ", Shen Zhou Mount Lushan" and so on i***tremely clear greatly greatly does, meditated for a very long timedoes not endure to leave. Between the ancient painting humanitiestensity extends to Zhang Weiming the sensitive psychology. From thistime on he harvested for a long time to gather "the paradox" as wellas its being clear about. This is no longer chooses in the paradox anyside, but two carries on relatively but is not the absoluteunification. This paradox phenomenon is the humanities concern and themodern idea long-term arrangement comparison forms. In looks back onin the self- understanding, Zhang Weiming regarding the traditionaldrawing reiterated once more has given the quite big investment. Heglances over the ponder on the Internet, and invests the nearly tenthousand Yuan to purchase new edition each kind of ancient paintingintegration, 画集, the picture album. Even goes to wholesaler thereto search for massively prints the better traditional Chinese paintingcalendar. For a while his studio once more full wall ancient painting.He reis carefully examining, in deep step of pondering over.

Extremely invests in Zhang Weiming seeks one kind of other people facethe classical excellent work not to realize when thing, Hong Kong redlitchi exhibition leader venerables bring the team to arrive Taishan.In these people has very many all is the retired celebrity, politicalcircle's important people, the business circle rich and powerfulpeople, although their picture is marking off the colleagues to looklike is not very mature, skill general, quite weak, but their liferich, the tutelage is extremely high. Because the economy rich nolonger seeks fame and fortune to the life at the enterprise thenrelaxes oneself takes up the paint brush, by the tranquil point ofview balance oneself, slowly describes the life idly to rest whilesaway the time the time temperately to be gently beautiful, thus hadone kind of only beautiful esthetic pursue. Zhang Weiming saw by hisimperial sacrifices study foundation of basic skills this point, thiskind of pure aloof feeling indeed not much saw in the modern people.Thinks otherwise regarding this art exhibition very many specialist,but Zhang Weiming interest extremely is the actually thick. He goeswith the red litchi exhibition meets long line luxuriant growth シlight gentleman to meet, venerables the level specialist extremelyrespect to he such young professor, deliver him this time to come themainland last picture album, several dozens guests all sign own alongwith venerable in the album name. Zhang Weiming on this kind ofperson, does not become aware in the others the place god did not knowthe ghost unconsciously, smartly smartly had found the thing which heneeds. These attentively its result created "Heart Chart" in hisafterwards whole piece six feet xuan paper three, in the fivecompletely has only manifested, this was is obvious to all.Simultaneously the conclusion also distinguished in the attentivelyidea in Zhang Weiming sufficiently to add Yao person's one side,indeed let the person feel he entered another kind of ten pointsmodern age also a modern people so-called up-to-dateness to beactually profounder than the market condition in region. Zhang Weimingits person does not do without authorization the words to vindicatethat, long-drawn-out not measured, in fact so long as you observe him,can discover him very thoroughly, but is not difficult to understand,also is not difficult to see his thought and the innermost feelingslatitude and longitude spot. But to wise, but also must have to usethe wisdom to make the analysis, otherwise also will be has achievednothing, that feared also cannot explain in a small question.

The fine arts when have not the tranquil 20 years to argue ideologicaltrend sink when floats, until now also preserves very many tenaciouswas persisting the tradition and the modern drawing consider ascontradictory situation, also no wonder, because the people oncediscovered because several dozens years cultural seal created one kindto cause the drawing to be spiritless thus panic crisis condition.Zhang Weiming in also realized at that time in this question theChinese drawing has been able to welcome as the visual art main bodycomes from the western modern ideological trend impact. In two, the30's causes in the ocean dispute, 西洋画 if the idea irresistiblythen studies abroad the painters to bring back to the native place in,this behavior has attacked the cultural idea original shape, but hasnot been able to achieve is somewhat moved from the true significanceto the national essence drawing. The traditional Chinese paintingstill was sticks to one's own way of doing things. This is because tothe esthetic education replaced religious in the western person thethought but to take at that time the drawing and even the culture wereideal, this did not suit China. The Chinese total dependence lookslike Christianity such to become the national spirit to congeal聚点. Moreover the Chinese has the oneself ingrained nationalityesthetic pursue system. Afterwards completely has closed to thewestern front door. Exerts oneself self-reliantly in this periodpeople, the fine arts are not exceptional, appeared one batch not todeviate the traditional outstanding painter. The Chinese drawingappeared the standardization in the certain development even to beallowed by now to say was the formulation low appreciation low levellocalization, this was creates afterwards marks off suddenly warmlyaccepts the western drawing ideological trend the reason. Until personand so on Li Keran Mr. moves towards the up-to-dateness as thetraditional landscape painting the cutting edge, only then bore thebrunt to the concept drawing has carried on the revolutionarycreativity. Mr. Li Keran "forestalls opponent by a show of strength"in the landscape painting creation the tenacious strength, for ZhangWeiming knew at first the traditional drawing and the modern drawingaberration moves towards a care. He seeks in Mr. Li Keran's drawing tosaying of the scenery image. When buds the creation desire, thatactivation scenery scenery, then builds the unique creation interest.Zhang Weiming has first achieved the image assurance outside thewords, this is especially important in the landscape painting.

Walks today from the historical tradition, some people sober had foundthe tradition to give modern people's value to be at. Zhang Weimingalready was using this value in the drawing. Gentleman said regardingtraditional also like Mr. Lang Shao that, "We live in the tradition,but not necessarily has the sober understanding to the tradition."This is because "we naturally inherit the tradition, but is not on owninitiative inherits the tradition." Zhang Weiming in repeatedlydistinguished attentively in the process already from in the testwhich experienced for a long time to walk, and could after has engagedin introspection the tradition again engage in introspection themodern age, like this he considered wanted "on own initiative toinherit the tradition", was valued shows in self- strong poor struggleItaly lets explicit idea defeat deviates the self- enticement, thefinal creation will be the magnificent chapter. The drawing does notaccept other, but the philosophy actually accepts the self- idea andconsciousness. This idea and consciousness height all is suspending inthe picture. Zhang Weiming take the pen name as "who" a topic is"Dares To explore Alone 僻 Trail" to publish in the Shandong youthreports on in the article to write: "drawing art, is not * the bemysterious theory and the flash language call, but is relies on thevisual art itself charm." Zhang Weiming refers "the charm" is becausedrawing art has the person spirit the enchanting pivot space

The drawing artist often promulgates the clown or displays aboutAmerica the conception in painting, but some long-term views inunconsciously center moved towards the pattern, thereupon its typicalnature also no longer is the individuality. But the artistic life isan individuality, this is a question which cannot be neglected, "theindividuality" the question is not the humble opinion pursue. Somepeople pursue biased America, some people do not pursue America of theharmony. But that is discovered by the artist "is beautiful". Does notapprove is some people actually mistakes the clown as beautifullyapplies rouge and power carries on feigns. In the young people mosthas the pursue with not to be biased harmonious, this is because theyalways thought the time gives their creation mission always not to beable to obtain the release. Generally says from several years oldperiphery, the person starts to seek constrains own thing to carry onthe resistance, extremeness does not display as if destroys or doesnot display the opposition to be insufficient to know what is thebreakthrough, they move towards extremely look carefully the clown are"are beautiful", thought does not display is imprisoned. This kind thesense of hardship which lets the person worry often can move towardsfrom the sense of responsibility dispirited and degenerates, thesituation often is the laissez faire washes with watercolors flowsswiftly creates not the good evil consequence. On in that because theextreme irritable also is crazy, Zhang Weiming once moves towards theborder, but he or curbs a horse looks back on. In latter turn ofmomentum, after sober his bold straightforward its viewpoint. "Theright of the same generation in front of the artistic world wind andcloud which transforms draws a sword to look in all directions theheart at a loss time. Great Ming Que at the different prevalent abuse,does not escape Ying while the timely breeze good piece of writing."Mr. Le Yu to this described him once three to think the after boldbehavior.

Only heart chart traditional Chinese painting/Taishan Artist ZhangWeiming landscape painting work traditional Chinese painting

Today Zhang Weiming and his painting could not see the same yearextremely arrogantly to be impetuous, he in will experience for a longtime paint brush the sandy plain the heart end, then in practicalized,enjoyable traditional and in the modern paradox has grasped the truemeaning. The Chinese drawing, the water ink technique and themodelling skill all are molds the picture spirit meat the method. Inhuge, is large must display enriches must succeed but the penetratingwords using the tradition and the modelling skill, some people saidthe masters also could not solve this question, that was theexperience leaning. Marks does not need two kind of things合二而一, may evade its one is short, raises its two lengths.Visual art is after all needs to look at the effect. Zhang Weiming hasachieved the transparent refreshed black color level effect in hiswords hearty greatly enjoyable picture, but in completely uses thecenter by the mountain stone primarily large landscape paintingcreation in to cancel the line to display, achieved in the ink ispassing the rich connotation, the sincere effect. The solid mountainstone structure and the defined straight launching class has formedthe contrast intense black and white effect, is feeling relaxed theZhang Weiming bright individuality. The scenery sketch creation or hasdecoration meaning, or the interest comes up in great numbers and fromall sides annoys the person regard. The small landscape paintingactually must draw big spatial the feeling, still could form "theelusive bird to cry, flies the cloud fluttered suddenly" the wild farfeeling. Certainly also once drew some abstract black colors in thesetendency radical time concurrently crazy "to be insane" the picture.Specially also retained in the Li hill phenomenon time creation ultrapresent work. Now under read at present still is the different kindfeeling. Some work color heavy ink thick, red and black overlap mixeshowever forms the striking contrast the effect, wears the reality alsoto cause the person to be affected. This makes one remember long agoZhang Weiming studied when the oil painting by the modernist schoolmaster is confused, Monet "Sunrise Impression" the colored class pointimage hazy dream, 德加, 雷诺阿was rich in the rhythm thebrushwork, Matisse, Fangao fills the fervor the drawing, Kangding SiJi heat abstract sentiment color as well as Mongolian Delhi An Dujuthe rational cold abstract drawing causes the life vigor which he thatsincere treatment light and the color formed.

Zhang Weiming melts into with the abundant energy own the traditionalChinese painting during the creation, this kind of investment causeshis mind relatively purely honest, he unintentionally analyzesperiphery the understanding the human affairs to be trivial, alsogenerally does not take the trouble others' argument. If some peoplesaid any to him, he is most can say: "管他呢". When enters the netthe non- dormancy three days two nights, he replied asked he sleepyperson said: "has the interest not to be sleepy". He on such a namelysimple not simple person. Lives is very comfortable in the interestperson. After 曾几何时 mood impulse Zhang Weiming the long seat infront of eight foot big picture which he newly creates, that abovewooded mountain silent, current of water limpid, he said in a softvoice: "can draw the person which draws like this not to be supposedsuch (excited, impetuous, to be easy to get angry)". Drew as if hasthe sound to say any to its creator. Remembered has a painter to sayown picture are is from heart the picture, but Zhang Weiming pictureis sends from the innermost soul. Only has holds when the truefeelings true feelings to the nature can instantaneous cause theartist to dodge reads the performance incisiveness, particularlytouching depth. At the same time the painter sublimates its life andthe soul to really to the high boundary.

The painting world current faces is the market economy development,this situation has broken the former days tranquility. This also isthe realistic question which needs to accept. Long was static ZhangWeiming still to maintain another kind of mood. Should let loose timehe has wide acquaintance the friend. This investment time he can meltinto in the creation to draw the picture with concentrationwhole-heartedly. Zhang Weiming also can very high use his thatsensitivity to distinguish attentively observes treats this lastingcoming from the circle outside world-class flood tide impulse? Heunder friend's help 提回 fourth computer -- notebook -like. 99 yearshe on-line after demonstrated work harvests very in a big way,received has come from the world each place public figure's visit, hasobtained the more mainstreams information, and had demonstrated to theworld the artistic talent, achieved with dear friends art sharing,caused the landscape painting art work which was narcissistic to putshows the world. But he still did not change the original intentionfrequently a picture was several hours does not gain ground, studiesthis hobby also to continue, but he extremely paid great attention tois "the mood". He when composing a poem occasionally also pays greatattention to the level and oblique tones antithesis ryhme and so on tobe fastidious. He although pays attention from each kind ofinformation invests the market the traditional Chinese painting priceposition tendency, but he only serves as the friends to need to helpto appraise and to appraise on. Recently had is small he severalyear-old person to say that, "I took Mr./Mrs. Zhang, he did anythingto study is that proficient, he understood really many." Thecontemporaries said "which he does come that many energy?" ZhangWeiming unintentionally pays attention to the others to say any, he isonly busy he the matter. When he takes the lea, d the decoration windtraditional Chinese painting sketch which uses by the person toimitate, even far from copys the publication when the newspaper, hedid not investigate... He thought this has nothing to do with afterall with the mainstream exploration significance, he thus gave up.Some people received take this as the, subject become the characterwhich the nation frequently exposes the headdress. But he ortenaciously believed that, his at that time does is excessivelyexplores, temporary, after all too superficial. Also like the Chinesepainting world until now only then is popular has not faded "the dropwind" he similarly is "the respect" leaves it. Regarding Chinesepainting world recently several years "cruel" "is fashionable" thesystem attitude, is not spare a glances.

Now, Zhang Weiming in the drawing view, still thought the traditionalChinese painting should not support the system attitude, he thoughtonly pursues the special effect, but not once grasped the rigorousdrawing theory and the skill, did not speak the true philosophy, onlywas can recite several to suit the oneself taste the philosophy wordsor the verse, greatly had the flavor which the picture not go, , od poemcollected. That only is the superficial knowledge, lacks the culturalconnotation. Should achieve in the confirmation after grasps thecertain knowledge and the skill still cannot blindly be called wiseoften appear slow-witted, after but was is ripe regenerates, newlyenters to return plain returns to original condition, still wasmaintaining real.

Zhang Weiming the words are not many, also is bad to makes widelyknown, he uses the painstaking care to create the expression thecomplete content all in his landscape painting. Many people long timestand in front of his picture, for him sincere 感悟 take the soliddrawing time, as well as the drawing idea indeed qu, alitative d, iscernsthe courageous expression but deeply , , as to get excited. The scenerydepth pure arrogance performance Zhang Weiming has cast 冶成 wieldsa brush then causes the paper to climb mountains the water influxspirit artistic construction to create. The people sighed America ah,strong ah Taishan has entrusted with the artistic inspirational forcein Zhang Weiming writing. This is he steadfastly moves towards thethought remarkable change from a pure study picture. Namely isself-confident must the cultured thought, namely has the soaringenthusiasm to have to maintain the tranquil innermost feelings world.Is enriched by the knowledge oneself only then can defeat theenticement. These Zhang Weiming knows is clearest. Therefore, he hasnot listened to the friend to urge to manage unfolds, pats the topic,also does not have eagerly to publish the picture album. Ten years agohave the overseas public figure to leave 150,000 HK dollars topurchase his eight six foot xuan paper fine to draw "the TaishanCharm" (traditional Chinese painting) to do, he has not been moved bythis. He thought oneself does not have completely the qualificationswhich holds the work. Because he diligently is constructing constructsthe self- tutelage consciousness, desperately studies. He knew socialand humanity's renewal is more and more quick, will have to letoneself in the short time unceasingly former knowledge thisconsolidated gripping, this depreciation must carried on the knowledgechange by the new idea. He day and night rushed the Internet, in ayear has been on-line obtaining the good result. At the same time, hisseveral sceneries big picture also arises at the historic moment.

Zhang Weiming speculation consciousness is his major characteristic,his understanding is repeatedly recognizes after very many questionsconcluded. Now fine arts very many people are eager for quick successand immediate gain the artistic set under the skill principle chain,also thorough pressure in mammonism under 形景, Zhang Weiming forthis but anxiety. He certainly does not regard conservatively is thesolid soup, he also once was a radical. But he saw the flashy butlacking substance thing only can bring 毁灭性 the to art disaster.He still at times turned the head regarding the drawing, he said: "thepast person even if some skills characteristic also met on tenth amountain, on fifth water, or ' the long time ' the strict spirit, thepoint of view gentle concentrated the nature. These present mostlydisappear. But sees, everywhere all is regards as the drawing the fameand fortune, why only participates, regards as important is the marketsale method class ' the fast-food ' the culture or ' is intensive ' 'art '." Or only is certain visual effects but does not have how manycultural connotations the extremely artificial tender decorationnature to consume time manufactures.

Zhang Weiming pays great attention to grasps oneself, enrichesoneself. His landscape painting unceasingly unfolds for him appearsthe solid pure view. He in picture Yu Xiedao:

"Nine Mo bustling place throws oneself why not, ten statesfresh air only square inch",

"In the crowded picture draws, outside mountain in mountainoutside day day".

Zhang Weiming bends down the document in there quiet thinking, blindis heavy from his face actually may see distinguishes the trifledemonstration regarding the drawing idea which attentively responded.Although the modern humanity evolution tendency indicated, modernculture depends on survives the foundation still was formerly theculture, therefore the essential confirmation tradition, takes thetradition. But at the same time the fact tells the people in addition,regardless of the modern people how diligently couldn't return to theancient times person's environment and the state of mind. The tutelagequality which but, Zhang Weiming demands to ancient is after all whichthe humanity once had the good quality and the artist originallyshould have. Even if the modern people diligently achieved the ancientproposes can, the excellent goods, 神品, 逸品 not be able to beseparated from the present social environment the original influence.Today art lies in the artist to the high boundary the specializedskill which by the rich theory knowledge, the cultural accomplishmentas well as grasps to create composes has the time feeling the highgrade individuality work. Certainly, the traditional Chinese paintingappeared in the present time free choice space particularly hasenforced, it gave the artistic specialized choice to propose the freespace the question which limited, traditional Chinese painting itslimitation is lain in the painter to have the long-term arduousstruggle, must have the quite deep knowledge accumulation and theskill accumulates, and even accomplished more with difficulty thedisposition tutelage, the disposition self-control needed to be ableto stand up to in particular the external environment impact. This wassimilar to the ancient times certain to repair holds person of ChangJiang " human nature; Small to being faintly wild "," greatlyfaintly to the city ". Only has in changeable and under the complexexternal environment unceasing impact, can truly dominate the lightheart. Creates either gentle and is deep then or the spirited notimpetuous artistic work. This is the actual situation which thetraditional Chinese painting must face, this only is waits and seesfrom the academic angle, only cannot 炒作 including these, boaststhe phenomenon which the work manufactures in a rough way.

Zhang Weiming in the near future when will compile concerned theChinese drawing the homepage has done once more the traditionalChinese painting the system induction. Take the inferior platoonexample as: the Chinese painters, the traditional Chinese paintinggeneral knowledge, the style school, the celebrated workconnoisseurship, the collection guide, famous expert discuss, thepainting world anecdote, the auction information, the traditionalChinese painting forum, the traditional Chinese painting hundredbranches, the on-line decorated corridor. He in detail explainned thepainting of a scholar, Institute faction, the religious picture, the folktraditional Chinese painting characteristic discrimination. Besidesthe religious picture the present looked marks off never is not the soapproximate classification. The true artistic judgment is not thepopulace, just like the Li hill said: "the genuine outstanding work isnot whiling away the time, is not enjoying, it needs to seep and tocleave. In this point, the artist should not give in to the generalappreciation custom... ... "

Drawing art is must unceasingly create the work, took the painter ismust demonstrate in the work oneself. Taishan painter Zhang Weimingwhich to the scenery was a companion of distinguished attentively theviewpoint to the traditional Chinese painting already to establish itsargument, in Zhang Weiming landscape painting can make the person tofeel this distinguished attentively the process difficulty andoutstanding.

Looks at the scenery the chart [ one ] traditional Chinesepainting/Taishan Artist Zhang Weiming the landscape painting worktraditional Chinese painting



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