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  The celebrity famous expert discusses Taishan painter Zhang Weiming [abstract ]     3星级
The celebrity famous expert discusses Taishan painter Zhang Weiming [abstract ]
--- Hao Qingshan, gu Sen, Zhang qiang, Pang Zi Dong, Guo Yuncue, He Shuhua, Zhong Liangyu, Hua Wei.........
[ Author:Hao Qingshan, gu Sen..........     Origin:泰山画家张伟明     Clicks on the number:6235     Renewal time:2007-10-10     Article input:Admin
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 "Regarding drawing technique I outside gate, but I have once set uptogether mathematics mathematics problem for oneself: A rigid painteradds on already thick also the solid cultural accumulation, inaddition worships, is keeping watch Taishan, what can be equal to?" .
"In in the great Mr. Ming's studio, unceasingly reads the writer, thepoet, the painter and the culture studies the public figure to hisreview article. These work angles are different, style respectivelydifferent, has the circle a little, all is seeing clearly America andthe spirit which the great bright landscape painting transmits,inquires about the painting the cultural tendency. More reads morethought "the hero sees slightly with" this archaism on the expressingone's ideas clarity. Moreover most made is that integer study formulawhich I was excited had the common answer - Taishan painter ".

--- Hao Qingshan (the Taishan research board invites secretarygeneral, Taishan net culture inspector general)

"Has many sceneries painter in Tai'an to draw Taishan, but cannot be many Taishan picture good. Zhang Weiming also draws Taishan,the work has own very much individuality, may calculate in the Tai'anpainter outstanding ". "In in Zhang Weiming Taishan picture, hepursues is one kind of handsome style. He not merely draws Taishan thepeaks and ridges, also draws the piedmont the sandbank, the ruralcottage, others. Revering of the five mountains in his writing,besides male wonderfully with 耸拔, but also has the thick mountain野气 and 人间烟火 the taste." "Zhang Weiming likes discussingreleases, discusses" Is easy "also among the depth. Because of this,he cannot pursue the tyrant fierce picture wind and tyrant's fiercepicture boundary constantly but can more pursue one kind of nature,the fresh boundary. Extremely clearly had indicated he is pursuing onekind to be far away the hubbub, the body melts the good fortune theboundary."

--- Chinese art research institute chief postgraduate candidateteacher, attends to the  Gu Shen

"Regarding Zhang Weiming, I actually certainly regards it itis" the Taishan towerman ", but here keeps watch has the multiplemeaning without doubt: Keeps watch humanity's culture in Taishan;Keeps watch Taishan's spirit in the Chinese culture wisdom basicpoint; Keeps watch the Taishan recklessly smoke cloud during thesocial turbulence; In Taishan's good-natured visual bosom, keeps watchthe fine arts history performance logic ".
"Zhang Weiming that has made pilot's personal history, also naturallyaccidentally the experience transforms that classification person asthe necessity viewpoint. But these viewpoints once enter to in thelandscape painting sight, also can appear the natural uniqueness.
Macroscopic compares with this kind of bird's eye view, was ZhangWeiming once several dozens day-long sleeps outside in the Taishaninternal organs the experience. In this stage, he has had geologist'sclassified manner, recognizes in the scientific significance the rocklayer skeleton. This kind of microscopic analysis and compared, enablehim to obtain in the Taishan geology reality, simultaneously also wasin the visual abstract conclusion. What but all these differencesreflected is Taishan's three-dimensional disposition - or called it isZhang Weiming in the spirit "is real".
Remake this macroscopic experience and the microscopic experience冶铸 is comes from in the cultural support. In this aspect ZhangWeiming it may be said is swallows anything and everythinguncritically ".

--- Zhang Qiang, Chinese drawing study master teacher (professor)"ChineseDrawing Study Collection" (nine volumes this) chief editor

"Reads the great bright picture, sincere, is vigorous, atmosphericpound? The power and influence is threatening. Certain at willsketches, actually Jan pen carelessly, implication deep, 寥寂 centerthe rich vitality, is quiet has the imperial sacrifices interest.
The great bright drawing, assiduous is outstanding, to this. He notonly very grinds the Chinese and foreign fine arts theory, carefullyestimates to the Chinese tradition drawing, ascends skill of theancient and modern, collection hundred accomplishing. He to Buddha,the road, Yi Poqin to deliberated, and very natural region to drawingin. Therefore his picture outstandingly has the divine and wonderfulspirit, the depth contains the philosophy. Reads the picture not onlyto obtain beautiful enjoying, also can become aware the multitudinousinterest, receives the author mind the induction ".

--- Pang Zidong (Tai'an artist association presidents painter studyembassy personnel)

"I first time see Zhang Weiming the drawing work. Then by himthat aloof, does not fall this world, is broadminded 朗达, thespacious far pure gas rhyme has feared!" .
"The painter 空白处 inscribes a poem in the long volume upper leftside: "Spring Shui Rongrong in the mountain, the cool breeze turbulentworry eliminates; Not the Daoist adepts and laity world does not haveonly, heart healthy tendency and picture boundary place." If thepicture is the imperial sacrifices boundary which only may get an ideacannot be explained, this first poem was imperial sacrifices Italyexplicitly indicates. The imperial sacrifices study are row ofactually myriad things, straight refers to the heart source themysterious knowledge, in my opinion, if not practiced for years,grasped principles to is deep, peeps the broken world, the silentheart meeting master, started writing with difficulty into, reachedthis wonderland. In the heart the hope and the painter converse ".

--- Guo Yunce (Chinese Writers' Association member prose)

"Zhang Weiming, a mystical painter. His landscape painting "."South ancestor, north ancestor, modern age, tradition, also resemblesall has, also resembles speciously. Still is the mountain, still isthe water, unintentionally the person looked also, the person withhigh aspirations looked, always thought outside the mountain andriver, resembles also hides any. This any, if flame of the fire, ifrhyme of the qin, lets the person feel, actually does not talk clearly".

--- He Shuhua (Tai'an Daily editor-in-chief high-level edition)

"Landscape painting of the great bright brother. Far view, themeteorology broad, the imposing manner is heroic, has wind of thegentleman north, is the picture without doubt." . "Near view, thegreat bright picture, the pen pen write, was mad the rhyme links up,the words 精到, the nature sincerely has the appeal".

--- Wang Shuxia (painter associate professor)

"Looked the great bright picture, the first impression is theatmosphere. The drawing with is an article, its principle isinterlinked, the painting is difficult to write is the atmosphere." ."Looked the great bright picture, the second impression is theindividuality is bright. Artistic advocation individuality. Withoutthe individuality art, is the vulgar art." . "Looked the great brightpicture, the third impression is fresh. The fresh general scale liesin the direct-viewing effect, but higher scale freshness, then is theeffect which savors." . "Looked the great bright picture, fourthimpression is bears reads. Bears reads the decision picture thevitality." .

--- Lin Shigong (Shandong Province essay associationdirector essay)

"Zhang Weiming landscape painting north and south concurrentlygather north, both has the male danger which the picture sends,vigorous, vigorous, pulls out very, the nature clumsy character south,and has indifferent to fame or gain sends the landscape painting, tobe beautiful, to moisten, Pingyuan's special characteristic, far ShanJinshui, continent Lin Anshu the strongly fragrant onion has sends,gives the person to live simply all joyfuly, succeeds by a quietattitude feeling. But takes northerner's Zhang Weiming, also for thescenery which that kind of south picture sent has poured into thetrifle northerner's roughness and the straightforwardness, in itspale, Xiu, Run, even, static center by the north muddy, was mixedthick, dark green, the male gas, also mixed together does not revealthe axe mark, caused it not to lose outwardly submissive but inwardlyevil-hearted America also to glow one kind of male charactervigorousness ".

--- Cui Ximing (national two levels of writers proses writer)

"Taishan is one of world finest books. You read have notknown how many. But still felt has not read, has not been able tobecome aware its connotation. Therefore, you also have sighed.

Day you suddenly said that, ' Looked the mountain is a mountain,looked the water is the water. Looked the mountain is not a mountain,looked the water is not the water. Looks at the mountain or themountain, looks at the water or the water.'

Also some how many sceneries painter can have so becoming aware ".

--- Wang Zhaoxin (poet writer vice- studies embassy personnel)

"The first reading Mr. Zhang Weiming traditional Chinesepainting on own initiative was of great help, appreciates his work,can make one filter impetuously for sinks steadily, melts complexly isthe silencing, opens darkly 牖 is the bright porch, the medicalsuperficiality for takes a broad view ten thousand miles. It both candeliver a grief-stricken 歧路 person joy after sorrow the world, andcan present as a gift is elated with success Mr. cool breeze to strokethe perspiration to awake the god aphorism, this regarding has anachievement also to have the different modern Chinese to say isespecially important ".

--- Bi Yutang  (Chinese Writers' Association member prosewriter)

"Great Ming Sheng in Taishan long in Taishan, has only one inmind to Taishan, the sincere love to is deep. He to a Taishan'smountain scenery, a water stone very is all familiar, frequently or更深夜静 time ascends Taishan in the wind and snow rain frost tolook at Taishan, comprehends Taishan, feels Taishan, seeks "the beautyto gather one, the recluse gathers one" is the nature and person'sfusion feeling, thus obtains sentimental the communication and theunderstanding sublimation." .

--- Zhuo Zhongxin (a national level of screenwriters China televisionartist association member playwright)

"Mr. Zhang Weiming ever not redundant others, also is notwilling to duplicate own, his work as a result of brims with theunique individual makings but to be out of the ordinary".

--- Zhao Baoli (national level of screenwriters playwrights)

"Great clearly resembles Taishan which perforated does notknow, Taishan on in his picture: Both grand, and is luxuriant howeverdeep Xiu; Both prominent peak suddenly 兀 steep, and the foundationsolid and is generous; Both positive just America, and has the ArabLeague elegant 婆娑 posture; Namely has the obvious mountain 岩泉brook, also has the rich connotation which is clear at a glance withdifficulty "

--- Li Ji sheng  (Taishan scholar researcher)

"The predecessor is the cornerstone, on the giant shoulderstands. In the nature bosom, the mountains and rivers divine andwonderful spirit comes. Time outside picture, soul of the culturalpicture. Unreliable also is unreliable place, floating leaves from thepicture ".

--- Yang Pingfang (studies embassy personnel playwright)

"He draws the mountain to draw in a big way, was big enough tolets you appreciate universe tiny. Has the so heart, his writingmountain had the heavy intelligence. Has a look the great bright eachpicture, is not redundant is not real, but you always can from betweenthese distortions stone and the fuzzy trees, feel to one kind ofintense life consciousness in float, experiences the nature everchanging broad intention by the center ".

--- Zong Liangyu (national level of writers writers of fiction)

The person said is carries forward. I believed that, greatbright is the skill high brave, he studies the drawing, first studiesthe picture to discuss, the picture principle, draws the mountains andrivers first to climb, draws the rivers and lakes first to swim, drawsthe plant first to gather, draws the animal first to feed ".

--- Wang Keyu (high-level edition reporter)

"Today Zhang Weiming and his painting could not see the sameyear extremely arrogantly to be impetuous, he in will experience for along time paint brush the sandy plain the heart end, then inpracticalized, enjoyable traditional and in the modern paradox hasgrasped the true meaning." . "The genuine outstanding work is notwhiling away the time, is not enjoying, it needs to seep and tocleave. In this point, the artist should not give in to the generalappreciation custom... ... . " . "The landscape painting, theattraction which there produces in Zhang Weiming has far exceeded thecommon person's regarding this feeling degree, from beginning to endis lording over in his heart main. Thus his mountain is alsomagnificent, the water also brightly was demonstrating the ancienttimes flow now to understand completely the spirit ".

--- Hua Wei (painter vice- to study embassy personnel)


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